Creating Compelling Content through Research, Writing, Strategy and Management


MHC Info Solutions saves you the frustration of wasted time and lost money by analyzing and packaging accurate, reliable and relevant facts, figures, news, intelligence or other strategic resources. Your mission-critical information, coupled with our insightful research & analysis and project strategy &  management translates into effective working knowledge.  Take it to the next level where:



Accurate. Timely. Organized. Specific. Precise information decreases uncertainty. And, in an uncertain world, more understanding leads to quality decisions, timely movement, strategic relationships, and improved outcomes. Your improved outcomes inspire trust, drive cooperation, and build loyalty.

MHC Info Solutions‘s proven approach provides insightful research, strategic thinking, collaborative management, long-term support, objective oversight and in-depth analysis. All while mining and refining detailed data for your specific needs.



MHC Info Solutions moves you toward results and positions you for prominence by perfecting what you already have: Information. Compelling information moves you toward satisfied clients, strategic partners, repeat business, improved credibility, quality feedback. Whether you need competitive research or creative strategies, we get you results.


A Leader

It's clear to all of us on the team that Marilyn is a leader, and that this project is flourishing because of her ability to bring things together, her keen awareness of what is needed and how to get it, her listening skills, her dedication, and her professionalism.

- Marilee Yorchak, Business Marketing Association of Colorado

A Trusted Partner

From her broad vision and strategy, to attention to the most intricate details, Marilyn proved herself to be a valuable partner and resource for this complex and demanding project. And besides all of her skill and ability, Marilyn is a great person who was always professional and enjoyable to work with.

- Rich Carvill, TrueVine Marketing Communications

A Strategist

I count on Marilyn's research, management, and analytical skills to help us develop and implement our web communications strategy. She is a thoughtful, reliable, and knowledgeable consultant who anticipates and caters to an organization's needs. I recommend her highly for her communications expertise and personable, proactive work style.

- Julee Newberger, The Annie E. Casey Foundation