Marilyn Harmacek

Marilyn Harmacek founded MHConsulting, Inc. in 2004 when she realized most of her time was being taken up by non-profits, philanthropies, for-profit agencies and business to business companies wanting better results from their online communications channels.

Over these last several years, MHConsulting opened MHC Info Solutions as information strategy became the center-most keystroke in crafting an online communications solution. How you develop the content, reach the audience, deliver the product, and analyze the results all depend on the discovery, development and dissemination of your information – your power source.

As an information strategist, Marilyn assures personal attention while crafting your solution with a network of experts at her fingertips.  Her strategies include:

  • Discovering your needs and  gaps through investigative research
  • Developing your content/products/reports/assessments with insight and accuracy
  • Disseminating to your target audience with skillful scrutiny

Marilyn brings a wealth of knowledge from many different arenas. Her background has taken her from corporate America to higher education to non-profits to government with clients as diverse as international high-tech firms to top US philanthropies to government liaison agencies. 

MHC Info Solutions and Marilyn Harmacek bring you personalized care with dogged determination and a crooked smile. Patience and humor are a specialty.

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