Finding Cupcakes

Posted on June 29, 2010

In this day and age, being everywhere on the Internet may not be as important as being FINDABLE on the Internet.  True, the more you write and link, the more the search engines like it. But what about everyday folks trying to find your business by name?  Take, for example, my foray into one of  the newer online ventures – tracking movable snack food locales. More specifically, tracking mobile (as in driving a vehicle) cupcake vendor locations through Twitter. This is the  high-tech version of the neighborhood ice cream truck.

 My friend in Philly raves about the cupcake truck that flits around her town. The owner tweets its whereabouts every morning, and every move,  along with the tempting flavor of the day – Bailey’s chocolate peppermint , pumpkin cherry cream spice, coffee caramel  cashew sprinkles. The venture is so successful, the cupcakes sell out by early afternoon.

Imagine my delight when I heard that Denver has its very own mobile confectionery. The Denver Cupcake Truck was finally rolling! I ran right to Twitter and started searching for the new nomadic bakery.  I remember thinking this was by far the best use of  Twitter, ever. I searched every which way I could  muster and could not find the right Twitter entry.  I knew it was here; I knew they were tweeting; and I definitely knew I wanted to follow them. But, no luck.

If I hadn’t been intrigued by the concept, I would have given up. But I did my research due diligence and finally found the firm tweeting under CakeCrumbsTruck. Even though the truck itself is labeled The Denver Cupcake Truck, and even though the blog is titled thedenvercupcaketruck, the Twitter feed is CakeCrumbsTruck. Granted, the name of the brick and mortar bakery running the truck is Cake Crumbs – but how would one know that when the marketing efforts promote something entirely different ?? I went looking for what was being marketed. I found something entirely different after quite a hunt.  Not many customers are going to be so accommodating.

Moral? Be sure what you are marketing can be found. Researchers do a fantastic job unearthing hard-to-find-facts.  But locating a known business should be one of the easier projects. If you are trying something new go ahead and be creative. Be adventurous. Be indulgent. But, above all, be FINDABLE!  Once you start to market yourself – be consistent. Be rote. Be overly repetitive. Be singularly focused. I cannot stress enough to keep your message consistent, coherent, and searchable. It’s how sweet success is attained.

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