Special Improvement District

Posted on August 14, 2011

Special Improvement District, Project Management

MHC Info Solutions managed the signature collection process for a homeowners association for the creation of a Special Improvement District within a suburban city. The project involved having 67% of 425 homeowners approve a $5,000+ property assessment by the city for the creation of a $2.1 million brick wall along major arterial streets. We managed 15 people; 61 petitions; 15 community meetings; legal document collection (death certificates, deeds of trust, real estate lien records…); resident, board, and city liaison communications; and, homeowner newsletter updates. The project was to take six months. We brought the project in six weeks before deadline with $1.5 million in signatures, or 72% of homeowners. The petitions were the cleanest the city clerk had ever received and it took less than a week to certify.

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