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Rejection Matters!

May 31, 2011 Comments Off on Rejection Matters!

I just finished a consulting gig weeding through a mountain of proposals for a client’s web design project. I created an applicant spreadsheet, had the client select 10 for second interviews and then five for presentations. I proceeded to create a rejection letter for those not selected. Cut, dried and over – including the client’s […]

Follow-up or Fail

February 26, 2011 Comments Off on Follow-up or Fail

I had the privilege of hosting a dinner party for an international businessman and was taken aback by his comment that America is a horrible place to do business. Deeper conversation clarified that his negative perception arose not from economic woes, but from a lack of follow-through.

The Power of Political Perception

December 31, 2010 Comments Off on The Power of Political Perception

2010 saw an unprecedented amount of false information transform the politcal landscape. This presidential election year brought out the best (worst?) of the manipulative marauders of truth.  You see, these master manipulators know that if you say something enough times in a persuasive manner, people will believe it.   Take for example the Obama administration’s Health Care Reform […]

The truth hurts

March 15, 2010 Comments Off on The truth hurts

Not all sentences are constructed alike. Be aware of how sentences are written to elicit inuendo and play with your perception.